Use your Raspberry Pi…

The need has raised back in last December; As when I have forgotten to power on my own lab and Esx(i); The initial thought was only one single page for basic actions against my Esx(i). Only PHP/Mysql and bash (some javascript functions)

This is now and finally coming soon as version 1; The entire interface has been reviewed and as now I got a nice and stable interface; Mobile interface included some tiny correction but quiet well so far 🙂

This is a web Management for Esx(i) for basics actions.

Here are the list of available features; And more would come really soon…. as snapshot ..etc

– Managing wol for Hardware machine and Virtual Machine some basic action as stopping and starting.

– Start/Stop multiple (HW or Virtual) in once.

– Group Management;

– Managing notification as when a machine is power on or/and power off.

– Status for each of your Linux machines; Details as space disk/CPU load – similar as for the virtual machines.(screen shot below) and more as the Management/Principal page

The management page:


Linux details:


Virtual Machine details:





Zip file of the site and how to step by step would be really soon…


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