Send spam to Junk folder on Synology NAS

I am currently have an Anti-Spam solution plugged in with Postfix of my NAS.

I have been looking for on how could I set/specify all spam been send to a specific folder; On the NAS, sieve is involved and used to apply action against the mailflow.

Located on your nas :


Set the potential X-Header that your solution can mark the spam. This sieve script would apply the action and send the spam to your Personal Junk folder, or others if needed.

Here is the default sieve script to do it:

require ["fileinto"];
if anyof (header :contains "X-Spam-Flag" "YES")
fileinto "Junk";

Htpc Manager on Synology NAS

I had a quick look over this interface that integrate some common tool as Sabnzbd, Sicxkbeard and XBMC (also some others).

If you wish to run this interface on your Syno NAS:

– From another machine running linux, GIT is needed to download Htpc Manager; However you can copy the files from to any others machines and run this interface as soon as Python is present.

	git clone git://
      • once the download is done. Copy the entire folder onto your NAS; In my case I did copy it on the volume1 of my NAS.
	cp -r /volume1/share/HTPC-Manager/ /volume1/@htpc
  • Now, navigate into the folder, once there; verify if the python is well found; run this command start it:
  • /usr/local/htpc/env/bin/python /volume1/@htpc/HTPC-Manager/

Customize MailServer setting on NAS Synology

Synology NAS.

I have been looking to customize the MailServer SMTP Banner.(removing the Postfix name from the banner)

You can add or and customize as much as Postfix 2.x would accept it from this path:



I have edit the file main.template and add the following line:

	smtpd_banner = $myhostname ESMTP


Saved and restart the SMTP component from the NAS web interface.


For DSM 5.1-5022 Update 4; The is located to :


If you need to reload Postfix; Run :

/var/packages/MailServer/target/sbin/syno_mailserverd reload