External IP change notification in python

This post is mostly the equivalent of one of a previous post which initially was in bash.

some variables required to be set, such as follow:

me = "sender_email_address_from_gmail"
pas = "password_for_sender"
you = "recipient_email_address"
path = "/root"


As for the entire script, it’s available here:  sendemail_ip_in_python

Additionally, you may want to send also a notification through Hangout however, as for this to work you will require to install sendxmpp locally.

As for a starting point:


As part of the python script. Add the following at the top:

import subprocess

Then after this line (line 82)

print(“- EMAIL HAS BEEN SET TO: %s”) %you

bashCommand = "echo 'IP Changed: %s' | /usr/bin/sendxmpp -t -u sender_gmail_id -o gmail.com recipient_gmail_id" % ip
output = subprocess.check_output(['bash','-c', bashCommand])


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