Domino hiding SMTP header items

I needed to hide server version and Domino information ‘leakage’ in MIME information, follow the steps below to hide this information.

To hide the senders client information which is ¬†Lotus Notes 6.5.3 as indicated by the X-Mailer line, then you would include the field “$XMailer” as one to be hidden from the SMTP header. Also, the X-MIMETrack field above shows information about all the SMTP servers that have itemized and serialized the SMTP message on it’s travels to my IBM account. Hiding the $MIMETrack ¬†will force the outbound Domino server to not include any information about the serialization and itemization when it leaves Domino. Finally specifying the Received field will remove information in the Received field of the message about previous hops that the message has taken in your internal system.

1.Open the Mail Configuration document.
2.Select the MIME tab.
3.Select the Advanced tab.
4.Select the Advanced outbound mail options tab
5.Fill in the field “Notes Fields to be removed from header” and enter the fields:
* press carriage return between each one
6.Save and close the configuration document.
7.Replicate the changes to the outbound SMTP server if necessary.
8.On the SMTP server, Enter the command “tell router update config” for the change to take affect.

Please note that the destination message may still contain some of the above fields in the Mime source as they are standard MIME fields mandatory for the SMTP protocol. Also, this action only removes the information contained in these fields from the point of leaving the Domino SMTP Server. Once the message gets to the relay host or next hop (i.e. ISP) it will record received information about the previous server which is your outbound Domino SMTP server which is mandatory and cannot be hidden. However if the server document of the SMTP server specifies host names instead of IP Addresses this should enable a host name from displaying instead.

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