Collect / backup all drivers of your Windows system

I had the rebuild an entire machine recently, being using some symantec tool (BESR) as backup solution; Unfortunately …

I could restore the backup as expected to a new hard drive; However I could not restore the MBR; Tried several potential solutions but no luck!!

I found a nice and tiny tool that can collect/backup and restore drivers applied on Windows system.

Double Driver.

– Having re-installed the entire machine, noticed that some drivers that belongs to devices could not be found, this means that Windows was complaining of devices that drivers could not be found..

I used BESR software to mount the backup made; Started Double Driver tool and point the scan to a custom path to the mounted partition and windows folder; I have been able to backup all drivers and re-install them on my current system within a matter of few minutes.

A reboot, and the machine was back up and running as before.


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