Set NAS EMC server in debug/EMC Cava Agent

Enabling Debug Logging on the Data Mover

On the Data Mover, type the following to start verbose CAVA logging:
$ server_param server_X -f viruschk -m Traces -v 0xC0000004
Where X is the server number.
To turn it off, execute the following:
$ server_param server_X -f viruschk -m Traces -v 0
Collect the server_log to get these results:
$ server_log server_X -i -s > slogX.out
You may need to use the -i flag in order to see the results:
$ server_log server_X -i -s > slogX.out
Run collect_support_materials and include that output with the submitted log files:
$ /nas/tools/collect_support_materials

Also, please make sure that none of the “copy” tests are performed from a system that is running in the context of EMCVirusChecking privilege (i.e., the CAVA engine itself).

Enabling Debug logging on the VNX Event Enabler CAVA agent
Note: Turning Verbose on will result in lower performance and should be done for debugging purposes only.
Follow these steps:

On the AV server(s) , edit the registry entries depending on CAVA version running as follows:
For CAVA 4.0.3 and later:
(HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\EMC\Celerra Event Enabler\Configuration)
Set keys as follows (This step is the same for all CAVA versions):
verbose set to 1
debug set to 1
(Note: You may need to create these registry entries if they do not exist.)
Obtain DebugView (dbgview.exe) from and install it on the AV server(s) to see the debug messages from CAVA.
Start the DebugView application on the AV server(s).
Go into the “Capture” menu and select “Capture Win32.” Some versions of DebugView also have the option “Capture Global Win32.” If your version has that option, enable it as well.
a. Click Start -> Programs -> Administrative tools -> Services and select EMC Checker Server Service.
b. Stop and start the service. Debugging is now ready.
Recreate the issue that needs to be captured. Messages from CAVA will be seen in the DebugView window.
Save and send the log file(s) to EMC Support.
Restore the registry entries to the defaults.
Stop and start the EMC Checker Server Service again.

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