Test your Anti-spam using telnet

Open a dos windows and type the following:

telnet <host> <port>
<host> would be the host that you wish to connect, your anti-spam IP address.

<port>, testing the SMTP Protocol the default is 25


telnet antispam.mydomain.com 25 or telnet 25

Once connected, type this command:
helo example.com

The response back should be:

250 OK

Then type the command(sender):
mail from: test@example.com

The response back should be:
250 OK – mail from <test@example.com>

Then type the command (recipient):
rcpt to: votre-adresse@your-domain.com

Be sure to get access on this email, to validate that the test has been succesful.

The response back should be:
250 OK – Recipient <toto@your-domain.com>

Then type:

The response back should be:
354 Enter mail, end with “.” on a line by itself.

Now, this is the most important entries which your anti-spam would see as spam or not(end with a CRLF.CRLF):
Subject: Spam Delivery Test
X-Advertisement: spam
spam test

The response back should be:
250 OK
221 Closing Port / Mail queued for delivery

Then you can type quit to exit telnet

Depending of your Antispam product and technology behind, the actions done once this message might differ, however this type of value should see/detect this message as spam message.

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