Domino server running PHP CGI /Install/implement PHP on Domino Windows Server

I have been looking the trick to run PHP engine into a Domino server;

By default, Domino Server does not support PHP; However I am including the step by step instructions on how to implement it into Domino Server on Windows Machine.

You need first the PHP binaries:

I have been using the version (5.4.9), downloadable here.

– Uncompress the content of this zip file.

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Customize Windows 7 splash

I found a nice tool that allow you to change or replace the traditional Windows screen at the boot.

This tool is called Win7BootUpdater.exe.

Also included a quick splash made for my home media center.


vbs to mount windows shares

Function mapdrive()
strDrive = WScript.Arguments(0) ‘ e.g. i:
strPath = WScript.Arguments(1)
strUser = WScript.Arguments(2) ‘ e.g. Administrator
strPassword = WScript.Arguments(3)
boolPersistent = True ‘ True = Persistent ; False = Not Persistent

set objNetwork = WScript.CreateObject(“WScript.Network”)
Set ObjFSO = CreateObject(“Scripting.FileSystemObject”)

‘Check and disconnect if the drive is already mapped.
if(ObjFSO.DriveExists(strDrive)) then
objNetwork.RemoveNetworkDrive strDrive, True, True
end if

objNetwork.MapNetworkDrive strDrive, strPath, boolPersistent, _
strUser, strPassword
if(ObjFSO.DriveExists(strDrive)) then
WScript.Echo “Successfully mapped drive : ” & strDrive & ” to ” & strPath
end if

Set ObjFSO = nothing
Set objNetwork = nothing
end function

Function parseArgs()
Dim filelen
filelen = WScript.Arguments.length
if filelen < 4 Then
WScript.Echo(“Usage : cscript //nologo mapdrive.vbs “)
WScript.Echo(“Example : cscript //nologo mapdrive.vbs i: \\myserver\data\myshare administrator mypassword”)
end if
End function


then this type of command line:

cscript //nologo mapdrive.vbs i: \\myserver\data\myshare

Collect / backup all drivers of your Windows system

I had the rebuild an entire machine recently, being using some symantec tool (BESR) as backup solution; Unfortunately …

I could restore the backup as expected to a new hard drive; However I could not restore the MBR; Tried several potential solutions but no luck!!

I found a nice and tiny tool that can collect/backup and restore drivers applied on Windows system.

Double Driver.

– Having re-installed the entire machine, noticed that some drivers that belongs to devices could not be found, this means that Windows was complaining of devices that drivers could not be found..

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