Suspend running vmware and switch the esx(i) off

I have been using a script for a while switching off the esxi to a certain time. Crontab in used to do it, as this post

Unfortunately, this script does not do much than poweroff the vms and switching off the esxi; As a consequence the vmware’s running at that time would have been stopped roughtly;

All the work done would have been lost, so I decided to review this script to do the following;

– List of Machines currently running
– Retrieve ID’s for each Machines
– suspend command for each IDs.
– Then Poweroff the Esx(i).

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Script Template Vm’s Creation on Esxi V5 (cloning)

This script does the following:

  • List of the current machine’s name based/stored on the target destination.
  • Ask for the name of the new machine.
  • Type of machines (Windows 2003 / Centos / etc…)
  • Create the image based on the template’s machines.
  • Register the vm into the Vsphere inventory.
  • Asking you if you wish to start or not once created.

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