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resize2fs: Bad magic number in super-block;

On Centos 7.0, you are trying to resize using “resize2fs2 the new logical volume once you have add a new volume to your group; this error:   [root@centos7 ~]# resize2fs “yourvolumegroup” resize2fs 1.42.9 (28-Dec-2013)...


Squirrelmail – Download message as eml

I am currently using squirrelmail as webmail interface; What I like in it is that most of the settings are straight forward; I have indeed recently noticed that the download link for email attachement...


squid 3.x with Basic Authentication

I have recently setup squid 3.x on my raspberry; And wanted to add some basic authentication Below, the lines needed to enable it; Once in place you can use this command to add user:...


Sensor CPU check in bash

This script is checking the CPU Temp sensor; If one reach the threshold then a notification or shutdown (if needed) is done. A few variables required to be set; then you are done