Unable to create a temp copy of transform

Attempting to upgrade Windows installer Application ‘s packages.
the MST failed, noticed the following error from the MSI log:

Installation: Unable to create a temp copy of transform,
Note: 1: 2203 2:  3: -2147287037
MainEngineThread is returning 1624


Solution that worked for me:

Change TRANSFORMSSECURE value to 0 in the registry, and try a re-installation

More details from MS:


sqmapi.dll corrupted on Windows 7

Had a recent issue on Win7, could not install the service pack 1 due to this dll which was missing.

I used the sfc /scannow at least 3 times and finally this dll has been restored; Unfortunately all the originals files from the system were also restored.

Having on this machine customized the Welcome message and some others….however I have been able to apply the sp.

vbs to mount windows shares

Function mapdrive()
strDrive = WScript.Arguments(0) ‘ e.g. i:
strPath = WScript.Arguments(1)
strUser = WScript.Arguments(2) ‘ e.g. Administrator
strPassword = WScript.Arguments(3)
boolPersistent = True ‘ True = Persistent ; False = Not Persistent

set objNetwork = WScript.CreateObject(“WScript.Network”)
Set ObjFSO = CreateObject(“Scripting.FileSystemObject”)

‘Check and disconnect if the drive is already mapped.
if(ObjFSO.DriveExists(strDrive)) then
objNetwork.RemoveNetworkDrive strDrive, True, True
end if

objNetwork.MapNetworkDrive strDrive, strPath, boolPersistent, _
strUser, strPassword
if(ObjFSO.DriveExists(strDrive)) then
WScript.Echo “Successfully mapped drive : ” & strDrive & ” to ” & strPath
end if

Set ObjFSO = nothing
Set objNetwork = nothing
end function

Function parseArgs()
Dim filelen
filelen = WScript.Arguments.length
if filelen < 4 Then
WScript.Echo(“Usage : cscript //nologo mapdrive.vbs “)
WScript.Echo(“Example : cscript //nologo mapdrive.vbs i: \\myserver\data\myshare administrator mypassword”)
end if
End function


then this type of command line:

cscript //nologo mapdrive.vbs i: \\myserver\data\myshare

Collect / backup all drivers of your Windows system

I had the rebuild an entire machine recently, being using some symantec tool (BESR) as backup solution; Unfortunately …

I could restore the backup as expected to a new hard drive; However I could not restore the MBR; Tried several potential solutions but no luck!!

I found a nice and tiny tool that can collect/backup and restore drivers applied on Windows system.

Double Driver.

– Having re-installed the entire machine, noticed that some drivers that belongs to devices could not be found, this means that Windows was complaining of devices that drivers could not be found..

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Change shell of windows 7 for only one specific user

Rather to change the default shell of the entire machine, you can also assign to one of the user to run another shell than explorer.

Create key into the registry that belongs to your user; To make sure that you change the right user, logon once with your user credential and open regedit.exe (you might need to change the rights to allow registry access or runas..)

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