NetApp CIFS Management command line

NetApp CIFS Management Commands

CIFS setup wizard launcher
> cifs setup

Terminates the CIFS service
> cifs terminate


Restarts the CIFS
> cifs restart

This will display all the CIFS shares
> cifs shares

Will display the status of the CIFS
> cifs status

Will either display the SID or name
> cifs lookup name

> cifs lookup SID

Will display the current CIFS sessions
> cifs sessions

Will shows the current session for a bob
> cifs sessions -s bob

A nice easy way to broadcast a message to all users connected to volume_myname
> cifs broadbast -v volume_myname “Going out for coffee, don’t stop working cause the netapp is still up!”

A CIFS command to create a CIFS share on a specific volume or qtree
> cifs shares -add java-tc-share /vol/vol2/jvm1.6-tomcat

Will delete a share name. Straight forward..
> cifs shares -delete share_name 

Will displays the full path and permissions of a specific share
> cifs shares bobs_dev_share

Method of granting specific user rights to a share
> cifs access bobs_dev_share -g user_rights

Method of granting specific permissions to a user for a share. The permissions are either Full Control, Change, Read or No Access.
> cifs access bobs_dev_share user_name permission

Shows how to list information about the filers connected to a Windows Domain
> cifs domain info 

A way to test a specific Windows Domain Controller for connectivity
> cifs testdc ip_address 

Displays configured preferred Windows Domain Controllers
> cifs prefdc 

How to add a preferred dc for a specific domain i.e. cifs prefdc add netapplab.local
> cifs prefdc add domain address_list 

This shows how to delete a preferred Windows Domain Controllers
> cifs prefdc delete our_dev_domain

And now add a domain controller
> cifs prefdc add dev_lab

Will display which Windows Group Policies apply to this filer

> cifs gpresult

Will force a Windows Group Policy update

> cifs gpupdate
> cifs top

> vscan on 
> vscan off 
> vscan reset




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