Domino server running PHP CGI /Install/implement PHP on Domino Windows Server

I have been looking the trick to run PHP engine into a Domino server;

By default, Domino Server does not support PHP; However I am including the step by step instructions on how to implement it into Domino Server on Windows Machine.

You need first the PHP binaries:

I have been using the version (5.4.9), downloadable here.

– Uncompress the content of this zip file.

– Rename the folder created as simplest, ex: php
– Move this folder location, ex: e:\php\
– Copy or move the file php.ini-production from this folder (ie: php) into c:\windows\
– Change the lines:
cgi.force_redirect = 0
doc_root = “E:\IBM\Lotus\Domino\data\domino\html”
date.timezone = “UTC” (as part of this article)


The doc_root is the file system location path for the engine being running from. (this line might be optional)
By default, the Domino Web server would be looking into “data\domino\html\” from the domino data.

– Once saved, exit and rename it as php.ini

Now, this is the Domino Server configuration:

– Open the Domino Administrator Application and open your server.
(File / Open Server / Select your current Domino server)
– Once connected, click on Configuration tabulation.

If you are using Internet Sites, create a Web Site Rule from the Internet Site Document, with a rule type of Directory.

– Expand the Web Right menu, as below:

– Select your Web site and click on Edit document button.

– Click on Create Rule and follow as the example below to indicate the Php Engine location:

– Description : php engine

– Type of rule : Directory

    – Incoming URL pattern : /*.php
– target server directory : e:\php\php-cgi.exe /*.php
– Access level : Execute

If you set your Domino server using internet site, if you wish to check this then look into:
Configuration / Current Server Document /
Load Internet configurations from Server\Internet Sites documents: Enabled

If you are not using Internet Sites (disabled), create a URL Mapping/Redirection document with a type of “URL–> Directory.”

This is a little bit simplest, still click into:
Configuration / Current Server Document.
– Click on the Internet Protocols
–  From the HTTP Tabulation, click on Create Web button and select URL Mapping/Redirection.

– Site information
– IP Address : Enter the IP address of your server.
– Mapping
– Incoming URL String: /*.php
– Target Server Directory: e:\php\php-cgi.exe/*.php
– Access
– Access level : Execute


From now you can load Http task by Entering “load http” or “tell http reload” is this one is already loaded.

To test it, you can create a file called info.php and enter these files:


// Show all information, defaults to INFO_ALL



Save this file into the Data\domino\html folder from Domino server.

– Open a browser and type the url : http:\\Your IP/info.php
This should show you this type of page as below:


Additionally, these same steps can be taken on Linux platform; See this one

Additional link and even used from this Howto from IBM/Lotus.

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