VPN through your internal Proxy

This post is about using a VPN client to connect and let your internal Network Machine to use it.

I would like to avoid my internet provide to see (uncrypted) content that I am access while I am surfing the web.

What you need:

One Linux machine, for this I choose Ubuntu (v11) even version 12 would have worked; and your VPN account. (like giganews).

– Setup Ubuntu as normal/regular machine.

– Setup your VPN client to connect to your VPN using the Network Manager :

Follow the step as the print screen below:

Of course, replace the GW address, user name and password with your own account.

Once, this is setup; check if you are able to connect using this vpn connection.

Now, we will need to include the password for this connection from the connection settings file:

vi /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/My\ VPN

Change the following:

password-flags=0 (default is at 1)

and add the following from this file:


 Once done, you can then use and start the VPN by command line like:

1. Check the connection list:

nmcli con

Now, you can run this command to start your vpn:

nmcli con up id ‘my_vpn’

 So, from now you can add this command line from your profile (/home/your local profile/.profile).

The command line will be executed when you logon.

How to setup a squid in 5 minutes;



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