Symantec Endpoint Protection Liveupdate with Proxy on Mac OS x

I had recently to set a proxy to Symantec Endpoint Software (v11) on one Mac OS x.

I have always found nice to be working on Mac OS, as the bash is always there and similar to Linux.

I have been trying (initially) to set PAC file (Proxy Automatic configuration file), however it seems that unfortunately the Symantec component like liveupdate does not like/does not know how to proceed with this type of file.

BTW, I have decided to set the proxy manually; But I had to look and figure the real address of the proxy from the PAC file already used/assigned to the Mac OS x Machine.

Get the url of the PAC file:

  • opened System Preferences / network
  • Click on Advanced button (bottom)
  • Click on Proxies
  • From the Windows called: Select a protocol to configure
  • Select the bottom one, Automatic Proxy Configuration

As now, I am having the url for the current PAC file used by the Mac Os.

To see the content of that file, I need to open safari and enter this url into:

From now, I have the precise location of my proxy that I can enter into the Liveupdate settings for Symantec Endpoint client.

The new step has been using this url as reference:

Edit the liveupdate.conf from the /etc/ on your Mac OS.

  • open a terminal session on that same machine
  • type : sudo vi /etc/liveupdate.conf
  • press ‘i’ for insert
  • Then go down up to where you wish to add this following line.
  • proxy=

Once it’s done.

type : ‘Esc’ (out from the insert mode) then ‘w’ (to write the changes) and ‘q’ to quit and ‘!’ to confirm to quit the vi editor.

More details on vi editor:

To make sure that the change is fully apply, you can run this command to look into the file:

cat /etc/liveupdate.conf

Now, you can run the liveupdate from your Symantec Endpoint Client which would be passing throuhg your proxy server.

Hope that would help someone else than myself.



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