five-minute wait time to boot on Esxi V5

At the time that I installed the latest Version of Esxi (v5), I have kept on that machine my initial Hard drive having Windows 2008 Server installed.

As I was willing to test and try if my Motherboard would have been fully recognized by Esxi. I have been adding a second Hard Drive into it and install Esxi.

At the initial boot, once the Esxi has been installed, the boot time went up to 5 minutes, before even seeing the Esxi to boot on the screen.

Having removed the Windows 2008 HD, just to make sure that haing two disk with MBR could be the cause, same thing ..

Google it a bit, I have seen a few posts that Users having that same type of Motherboard would have this behavior.

It seems that ESXi’s GPT-formatted disk that could causing the issue (or rather Gigabyte’s inability to deal with a GPT-formatted disk)..?

BTW, I had to re-install Esxi (v5) and during install press Shift-O during the ESXi installation countdown (not the SYSLINUX countdown). Add formatwithmbr to any existing options and proceed with install.

Now, the boot is starting as expected. 🙂

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